Painless QuickBooks brings great results to our valued readers and buyers of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server.” These are a few of our comments, emails and telephone conversations with the fine folks that have visited painlessquickbooks.com for answers.

Followed your book and am very happy with the results. Thank you so very much not only for the book but for the personal support and answering of my questions. You helped me get my QuickBooks setup the way I wish it was the first time I set it up. Thanks,

I purchased your book and downloaded it. Wonderful work. Thank you.

After three years, I’ve just updated to QuickBooks 2011. My XP server’s run trouble free for three years.

Thanks so much for the valuable information. I’ve decided to remain on QuickBooks 2013, avoiding the expense of upgrading to 2015. I’ve saved a couple years of additional software costs and headache.