QuickBooks Backup

Automate QuickBooks Backup

It’s not unusual to see small companies assume their nightly backup works correctly, until they find out the hard way. It seems to me that loss of business data frequently involves QuickBooks, so I created a short film instructing users on automating their QuickBooks backups.

This QuickBooks backup process uses the native process in QuickBooks with a bit of a twist. It keeps seven days of company files available for recovery in an online off site location, out of your building. Seven days helps to alleviate the problem of catastrophic data entry errors, allowing a business to reconcile and/or revert back to a previous day’s company files if necessary.

Test your backup at least once a month. Do a complete trial recovery from your backup file copied to one of your QuickBooks client computers. Then, close the recovered company file and delete it and the copied backup file. You will not want to confuse your trial restored company file with your production company file.

Now the film.