Windows 7 Home Networking With QuickBooks Pro 2012 3 User Works Great 2

Some of my simplest Multi User QuickBooks installations use Windows 7 Home Networking with great success.

My three step process starts with a default Windows 7 Home Networking setup and several new Windows 7 Home Premium or Pro computers with Microsoft Security Essentials or other Internet security software installed. I use the Windows 7 Home Networking wizard to create the primary Windows 7 Home Networking computer. Then, I attach each subsequent computer to the primary computer with a gigabit network switch and by configuring Windows 7 Home Networking using the wizard and Windows 7 Home Networking password.

Once I have several Windows 7 Home Networking computers setup and working with each other and printing to a network printer, I begin my second step. I install a default multi user QuickBooks setup on the primary Windows 7 Home Networking computer, paying close attention to the firewall questions that open up appropriate ports for QuickBooks to function correctly. I use the “I’ll be using QuickBooks on this computer, AND I’ll be storing our company file here so it can be shared over our network” option to install QuickBooks. I open QuickBooks to register, create users and host the company files. Then I copy or add a new company file to the default shared company files folder. I also take note of the QuickBooks default shared company files folder and name of the primary computer.

Finally, I install QuickBooks 2012 on each networked computer and map the shared company files folder using the name of the primary computer. If any computer has difficulty opening a shared company file, I use Intuit’s QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to locate and repair any network issues. I log on to QuickBooks and test several simultaneous users on different computers.

Intuit provides the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool at

The QuickBooks Install Center at can answer additional questions you might have about your Multi User QuickBooks installation.

2 thoughts on “Windows 7 Home Networking With QuickBooks Pro 2012 3 User Works Great

  • Marc

    Will this allow any computer on the network to make changes, to an invoice for example, and it be saved on all computers?

    • admin

      Yes Marc; any QuickBooks computer accessing the QuickBooks company file in a multi user setup can make changes that appear to all users.

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