QuickBooks Wireless

QuickBooks Wireless

Wireless QuickBooks is a very special case that requires careful consideration. Wireless proponents in businesses understand the cost savings and productivity increase that develop after a successful wireless deployment in certain types of work environments.

Although QuickBooks running on a wireless network is constantly discouraged on Intuit’s support community and in Intuit’s documentation, the community always assumes that classic QuickBooks client server setup will be exercised in the wireless environment. But, QuickBooks performs exceptionally well in a Remote Desktop Services environment running on wireless.

QuickBooks iPhoneQuickBooks AndroidBy design, any larger than five QuickBooks multi user setup should be a Remote Desktop Services setup. Although Microsoft is the standard Remote Desktop Services system, other major players such as Thinstuff and Elusiva provide lower cost alternatives. A five user Windows XP Pro server with Thinstuff deployed as Remote Desktop Services software built with an off lease computer can be completed for under $500 and have a life span of three years.

Classic QuickBooks client server setup will not work on a wireless network. But, if wireless drives your consideration in a small installation, think about one of these lower cost alternatives. If you’re thinking DIY, utilize our guide, “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” to complete the XP Pro server. But, before installing QuickBooks, install Thinstuff. Setup your Thinstuff users. Install QuickBooks. Set up QuickBooks users. Use Remote Desktop Services from your wireless client computers to access your QuickBooks server, without installing QuickBooks on each client computer.

Instant wireless QuickBooks!

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