Build your own QuickBooks production server for five users or less from an off lease, reconditioned or used Windows XP Pro computer.

If your business uses 2014 or earlier versions of QuickBooks my guide, “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” will help you speed up QuickBooks, protect your company files and improve your entire QuickBooks experience. A Dedicated QuickBooks Production Server is by far the best investment you can make in your QuickBooks Set Up and it does not have to cost you a small fortune. Many happy customers have already discovered that “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” makes building and owning your own Dedicated QuickBooks Server an affordable reality.

Your valuable QuickBooks company files must be in a safe, secure location. A Dedicated QuickBooks Production Server is the computer where all production QuickBooks company files are located. Your Dedicated QuickBooks Production Server contains a specially configured, complete copy of your version of QuickBooks without requiring an additional user license. Your Dedicated QuickBooks Production Server has no keyboard, mouse or monitor and resides in an out of the way closet or shelf. Your Dedicated QuickBooks Production Server performs automated tasks within QuickBooks and other “QuickBooks add on” software such as nightly off site backups, that keep your company files compressed, verified, well maintained and fast. Enjoy automated updates that keep each of your QuickBooks desktop computers on the latest patch release.

Avoid QuickBooks Network Errors and other QuickBooks headaches with a robust, by the book, QuickBooks Multi User setup built around your own dedicated QuickBooks Production Server. I’ve successfully deployed dedicated QuickBooks servers into many businesses. They’ve frequently run over a year without requiring reboots or service. The secret to their robustness and longevity is in the set up and configuration.

Yes… you read correctly. Literally millions of XP Pro computers exist in the world still doing mundane server tasks like controlling camera systems or logging magnetic key entry systems. One of those computers could save you a ton of money. It does not matter that Microsoft dropped support for XP a long time ago. Consider that your server will never need upgrading and will never see the Internet. Perhaps you have a perfectly usable XP Pro SP3 Dell PC in the closet with the original restore partition or CD. If not, you can find an XP Pro PC in computer shops and online at eBay or Amazon.

In 2008, I wrote a non technical guide for building a five user QuickBooks server from a Microsoft XP Professional desktop computer and a 2008 version of QuickBooks Pro. It contains a step by step guide to correctly installing and configuring a robust QuickBooks Pro server for five QuickBooks client computers. It’s sold thousands of copies and solved QuickBooks performance problems for many QuickBooks owners. “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” is easy to understand and well within the ability of most business people.

Today, “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” is a more valuable resource than ever. QuickBooks 2014 or previous versions of QuickBooks easily installs on your own low cost or re-purposed Windows XP Professional based QuickBooks Production Server and is fully accessible from Windows 7/8/8.1/10 QuickBooks client computers. “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” contains over 80 pages of step by step illustrated instructions that apply to every version of QuickBooks 2006 through QuickBooks 2014.

Achieve your very own High Performance Multi User QuickBooks Network Installation by following the instructions in “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server”. Our instantly downloadable guide sells for $19.95, the same money you might spend for a decent computer book at your local discount book store. Many QuickBooks users say it’s the best twenty bucks they’ve ever spent.

Besides being an excellent setup and configuration resource, your copy of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” also includes:

  • Step by step instructions for automating a nightly backup of your critical QuickBooks company files. No more broken CD burners or finding lost USB drives.
  • Step by step instructions for automatically updating QuickBooks. All of your QuickBooks computers will have the latest updates as Intuit publishes them.
  • Step by step instructions to access your QuickBooks Production Server from any computer on your local network.

“Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” will help you solve your QuickBooks speed and performance problems. QuickBooks users will get more work done and enjoy using QuickBooks. Your new Multi User QuickBooks environment will contribute more dollars to your business’ bottom line.

Buy your copy now and begin enjoying the benefits of your own high performance QuickBooks environment.

Purchase an an off lease, reconditioned or used Windows XP Pro computer.

Interested in building your own QuickBooks Multi User Remote Access Server? Consider my comprehensive Windows desktop operating system solution for simultaneous multi-user access to your QuickBooks desktop accounting software from an office, multiple offices or from users anywhere with broadband Internet access, applicable to 2014/15/16 or later versions of QuickBooks. Click here!


Followed your book and am very happy with the results. Thank you so very much …. You helped me get my QuickBooks setup the way I wish it was the first time I set it up.

I purchased your book and downloaded it. Wonderful work. Thank you.

After three years, I’ve just updated to QuickBooks 2011. My XP server’s run trouble free for three years.

Thanks so much for the valuable information. I’ve decided to remain on QuickBooks 2013, avoiding the expense of upgrading to 2015. I’ve saved a couple years of additional software costs and headache.