QuickBooks Remote Access

QuickBooks Remote Access

Remote Access adds a unique dimension to QuickBooks computing by removing barriers to QuickBooks access and facilitating employees to collaborate on business data in real time.

A dedicated QuickBooks server running Remote Desktop Services can unify remote workers and satellite offices with a high-performance, “real-time” link to QuickBooks data. Enterprise Solutions works with Remote Desktop Services to allow password-protected access by authorized users. Remote users get top performance because processing takes place on your server, not their computer. Its not unusual to have Enterprise Solutions scale across several geographic locations.

MacBook QuickBooks for MacSomething as simple as creating receipts and invoices from the same QuickBooks company data can streamline work, enabling people to accomplish more results in shorter time frames. Increased transactions result in more revenue from which to generate more profit. Your company gets more opportunity to make more money; plain and simple.

If you want your company to grow, embrace access to real time data with QuickBooks remote access. Imagine several decision makers, sitting around a conference table, discussing reports generated in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions and rendered on Android Tablets connected by wireless to the Internet. Understanding remote access and Wireless QuickBooks is your first step in that direction.

Smaller companies with small QuickBooks installations can benefit from remote access QuickBooks just like larger companies. A five user Windows XP Pro server with Thinstuff deployed as Remote Desktop Services software built with an off lease computer can be completed for under $500 and have a life span of three years.

If you’re thinking DIY, utilize our guide, “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” to complete the XP Pro server. But, before installing QuickBooks, install Thinstuff. Setup your Thinstuff users. Install QuickBooks. Set up QuickBooks users.

To achieve remote access, use a product like LogMeIn Hamachi to create a secure VPN from your remote access computers and your QuickBooks server. Simply install Hamachi on your server, then install Hamachi on each computer that accesses QuickBooks from the Internet.

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