QuickBooks Bandwidth

The secret to High Performance QuickBooks lies in the network. Simply put; Bandwidth, Bandwidth and MORE BANDWIDTH!

Intuit says “Many types of networks are in use today to run QuickBooks. Not all of them will run QuickBooks Desktop effectively… QuickBooks Desktop requires a bandwidth of more than 40 Mbps” – only in a perfect world. I have better success with gigabit networking, gigabit network adapters in all QuickBooks computers and gigabit switches to plug those networked QuickBooks computers into.

But if you need to access multi user QuickBooks from across the Internet using Hosted QuickBooks or QuickBooks using Terminal Services or Remote Desktop Services, you will need the best Internet connectivity that you can afford. We can help you out. You can start the process to add or upgrade to fiber or other high speed connectivity by contacting us or completing the form here.