High Performance QuickBooks Multi-User Environment

A QuickBooks production server provides the key to a high performance QuickBooks multi-user environment. Isolating QuickBooks company file(s) on a QuickBooks production server creates the advantage of keeping and hosting QuickBooks company files in a safe, secure and robust fashion. A QuickBooks production server prevents any damage that a compromised desktop computer can do to your company file(s).

The QuickBooks production server also performs automated tasks within QuickBooks and other “QuickBooks add on” softwares such as automated nightly offsite backups or automated order downloads from your website to QuickBooks. A QuickBooks production server can automatically keep each of your QuickBooks desktop computers updated to the latest QuickBooks version.

In some QuickBooks environments, a QuickBooks production server will host the entire QuickBooks application so that no QuickBooks software need be installed on any desktop computer.

Multi-User QuickBooks Networking Setup 2

Most businesses using QuickBooks have 10/100mb networks with low cost switches and uncertified data drops. Generally, they own consumer grade computers purchased from a big box store or online discounter.

I find that most client/server application problems, including QuickBooks, directly relate to businesses trying hard to save money on their computing infrastructure. Unfortunately, QuickBooks raises the bar beyond the network and computing environment that most small businesses adopt. Business must adhere to higher standards for Multi-User QuickBooks to work correctly and be productive.

In a multi-user QuickBooks environment, each computer must have a gigabit network interface, connected to a gigabit switch, using gigabit certified cables and data drops. Also, interaction between QuickBooks and each networked computer’s operating system must be configured properly for QuickBooks to perform optimally. You can accomplish effective QuickBooks networking easily.

First, install QuickBooks on a dedicated production server.

Second, connect only the QuickBooks Production Server and each computer running the installed QuickBooks application to a 1000 mb (gigabit) switch, then connect the 1000 mb (gigabit) switch to the existing 10/100 mb network, preferably at the top level switch. Your gigabit network segment for QuickBooks becomes part of the overall network, so each QuickBooks computer can reach the Internet, use business applications, share files, and print to network printers.

Need QuickBooks Support In A Non Standard Environment

You do have access to Intuit’s QuickBooks support when under correct Intuit licensing. Sometimes support proves difficult in an unsupported environment; something like QuickBooks Pro on a Windows Remote Desktop Services Server or QuickBooks on virtual machines. Intuit supports only Enterprise versions of QuickBooks on Remote Desktop Services servers and only “natively installed” non virtual QuickBooks environments.

Before you make the call, isolate the QuickBooks company file to determine the source of your problem. Install a non production copy of your version of QuickBooks on a computer that is not part of your production QuickBooks environment. Register the software with your account or phone number information.

Copy the entire production QuickBooks Company Files folder to your non production QuickBooks computer. Open the company to determine if your problem still exists. If it does not, look to your production operating system and environment to solve your problem. You may have network issues or other problems.

If your problem persists on your non production QuickBooks computer, contact support and have Intuit support resolve the problem on your non production computer. Plan ahead as you may need screen recording software if Intuit support remotely accesses your computer and speedily runs through a fix. Above all, ask questions so you clearly understand the solution. Take careful notes so that you can do the same steps to resolve the problem on your production copy of QuickBooks.

If you find yourself in a real bind, call a QuickBooks ProAdvisor certified in your version of QuickBooks. They typically have access to better support resources than consumers have access to.

Build Your Own QuickBooks Server, Release Version 10-01-2017 Now Available

I am happy to announce that Build Your Own QuickBooks Server, Release Version 10-01-2017 is now available. It details a Windows 10 Pro QuickBooks server on a budget, featuring simultaneous multi-user access to your QuickBooks desktop accounting software from an office, multiple offices or from remote users anywhere with broadband Internet access.

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QuickBooks 2017 W2 Problems

More QuickBooks 2017 W2 problems popped up again this week. If one searches QuickBooks 2017 W2 problems on Google, seems that there are too many QuickBooks printing problems, QuickBooks fails to print W2s.

My fix… Uninstall Adobe Reader. Restart the computer. Confirm Microsoft’s XPS “printer” works OK. Install the latest Adobe Reader. Confirm Adobe Reader is the default PDF viewer usually by double clicking a PDF file and successfully opening it up. Restart the computer again. Open QuickBooks and try to print a W2. Fortunately, this fix seems to work for me every time.

I hope this helps and that you have the same success fixing  QuickBooks 2017 W2 printing problems.