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Intuit made an interesting announcement today, (please see below). Intuit closed QuickBooks Remote Access effective the end of 2014. Apparently, the lion’s share of the market appears to be in the hands of LogMeIn who gets compared to the likes of Cisco, Citrix and Microsoft instead of other remote access players like GoToMyPC. Any of the secure remote computer access products provide a great way to access your desktop computer running QuickBooks or to collaborate with your peers. I frequently use




 Service Notice: Important Changes to Your QuickBooks Remote Access Subscription
After much consideration, we’ve made a very difficult decision to close our QuickBooks Remote Access service. All subscriptions and related technical support will end on January 31, 2015. However, Intuit will continue to sell new subscriptions and allow changes to existing subscriptions until December 31, 2014.
Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience this change may cause for you and your business. Please read this information carefully to prevent any unnecessary disruption to your daily operations.
What you need to know:
1. After December 31, 2014, no new QuickBooks Remote Access subscriptions will be sold and existing subscribers may no longer make changes to their subscription levels.
2. One month after your December billing date your service will be canceled automatically, unless you have chosen to cancel sooner. The FAQs include instructions to determine your billing date.
3. After January 31, 2015, all service and technical support for QuickBooks Remote Access will cease.
What happens next?
1. Your service and technical support will remain unchanged through your final billing period or January 31, 2015, whichever comes first.
2. You may cancel your subscription online at any time by following the account cancellation instructions in the Remote Access Closure FAQs.
3. If you do nothing, your account automatically will be canceled one month after your December billing date.
Our commitment to you:
1. For active accounts, QuickBooks Remote Access service and support will remain available through January 31, 2015.
2. Intuit Customer Care is also available to assist you. We’re available to answer your questions to help make the transition process as easy as possible
Please visit the Remote Access Closure FAQ to learn more or contact us.

4 thoughts on “Intuit Closes QuickBooks Remote Access

  • Mary

    I have been using QB since 1998, supporting it since 2004, and this is unbelievable. I have clients that rely on this service, who have it for their staff.

    This service was easy for some of my older clients, and others that did not have luck with GotomyPC, and Logmein,

    As to the Pro Advisors, we will really be screwed paying for those other services, as we frequently only need it for a one time consult, and will need many service plans.

    Couldn’t you have just raised the price, and not done this right in the middle of tax season, at the end of January!

    What is next? Is there a reason for this?

  • Patricia Shumaker

    This is a bad decision which is hurting the daily routine of many businesses. We have to be able to connect to our home computer and if you are not going to be there, then give us a name of someone who will.

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