Hosted QuickBooks Secures Your QuickBooks Company Files

Hosted QuickBooks provides several opportunities to reduce hardware and associated costs. Hosted QuickBooks reduces the cost of purchasing a QuickBooks server, a server that needs space, additional security, high end network lines and skilled IT resources to keep operational. All of these costs are included in your monthly Hosted QuickBooks charge.

Hosted QuickBooks facilitates the ability of workers to access QuickBooks company files regardless of their location, reducing real-estate demands and increasing worker productivity. Access to Hosted QuickBooks uses the same security that banks provide their online banking customers. Hosted QuickBooks secures your QuickBooks company files behind an inpenetrable firewall and multiple layers of security.

Hosted QuickBooks helps companies save on the dollars they spend on providing high end workstations for their employees. These workstations can cost between $750 and $2,000 each, depending on the configuration. Hosted QuickBooks allows each user to have a retail consumer computer that costs $250 to $500 for a nice device. These laptops or PCs and broadband Internet connections provide access to the internet and to hosted applications like Hosted QuickBooks.

By using Hosted QuickBooks, no data is stored on any local computers or server, so if a computer is ever lost or stolen, only a replacement of that lost computer is required – without the fear or worry of lost information. Hosted QuickBooks is but a click away, from a QuickBooks shortcut on your desktop.