Daily Archives: November 10, 2017

Multi-User QuickBooks Networking Setup 2

Most businesses using QuickBooks have 10/100mb networks with low cost switches and uncertified data drops. Generally, they own consumer grade computers purchased from a big box store or online discounter.

I find that most client/server application problems, including QuickBooks, directly relate to businesses trying hard to save money on their computing infrastructure. Unfortunately, QuickBooks raises the bar beyond the network and computing environment that most small businesses adopt. Business must adhere to higher standards for Multi-User QuickBooks to work correctly and be productive.

In a multi-user QuickBooks environment, each computer must have a gigabit network interface, connected to a gigabit switch, using gigabit certified cables and data drops. Also, interaction between QuickBooks and each networked computer’s operating system must be configured properly for QuickBooks to perform optimally. You can accomplish effective QuickBooks networking easily.

First, install QuickBooks on a dedicated production server.

Second, connect only the QuickBooks Production Server and each computer running the installed QuickBooks application to a 1000 mb (gigabit) switch, then connect the 1000 mb (gigabit) switch to the existing 10/100 mb network, preferably at the top level switch. Your gigabit network segment for QuickBooks becomes part of the overall network, so each QuickBooks computer can reach the Internet, use business applications, share files, and print to network printers.