QuickBooks In Converged Data/Voice Networks

During last week’s run up to a local data center conference, I found myself telling an IT Director that one should consider their network in terms of being voice centric.

I almost choked. After my many years of preaching data centricity, I found that I had moved beyond converged networking to looking at a network from the perspective of real time traffic prioritization.

My IT protégé choked because he could hardly believe his ears and he totally agreed with me. His mantra; design to voice and specific applications needs.

The new converged network embraces coexistence of real time traffic such as video and voice with all other traffic. Seeking new and better ways of prioritizing traffic, that is, forcing video and voice traffic to move across the network ahead of all other traffic, drives development of the new converged network.

QuickBooks for five users or less fits neatly into converged data/voice networks because all QuickBooks clients in the default client-server QuickBooks setup need to operate on an isolated gigabit switch, up linked to the legacy data/voice network. QuickBooks above five users should reside on a remote desktop services server. The low bandwidth requirements of remote desktop services plays very nice with converged data/voice networks.

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