Build Your Own QuickBooks Server Versions

Buy one version of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” and get them all. Simply email your PayPal transaction code or complete receipt to painlessquickbooks (at) gmail (dot) com within one year of your purchase and receive download links for the other versions by return email.

If your business uses 2014 or earlier versions of QuickBooks my guide, build your own QuickBooks production server for five users or less from an off lease, reconditioned or used Windows XP Pro computer may work for you.

Build Your Own QuickBooks Server Release 09-17-2015, a comprehensive Windows 8.1 Professional desktop operating system solution for simultaneous multi-user access to your QuickBooks desktop accounting software from an office, multiple offices or from users anywhere with broadband Internet access works with QuickBooks versions 2014 and newer.

My newest version of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” is easy to understand and well within the ability of most small business people. “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” designed for five QuickBooks users or less, contains 185 pages of step by step illustrated instructions that apply to current state of the art, Intuit QuickBooks supported, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional desktop operating systems, installs on off-the-shelf desktop computer hardware and works with QuickBooks versions 2017 and 2018.

We advise all QuickBooks owners to upgrade to at least one year back from the latest version to stay fully supported. If you have no need for support, use any older version and avoid upgrade costs. Windows XP Pro computers remain available and make excellent servers for older versions of QuickBooks. After all, you’re not going to use your XP Pro server to surf the web.