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QNeed simultaneous five users or less QuickBooks multi-user access to your QuickBooks desktop accounting software from an office, multiple offices or from your QuickBooks users anywhere with broadband Internet access?

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“Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” will help you speed up QuickBooks, protect your company files and improve your entire QuickBooks experience. A Dedicated QuickBooks Server is by far the best investment you can make in your QuickBooks Setup and it does not have to cost you a small fortune. Many happy customers have already discovered that “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” makes building and owning your own Dedicated QuickBooks Server an affordable reality.

Your valuable QuickBooks company files must be in a safe, secure location. A Dedicated QuickBooks Server is the computer where all production QuickBooks company files are located. Your Dedicated QuickBooks Server contains a specially configured, complete copy of your version of QuickBooks without requiring an additional user license. Your Dedicated QuickBooks Server has no keyboard, mouse or monitor and resides in an out of the way location. Your Dedicated QuickBooks Server performs automated tasks within QuickBooks and other “QuickBooks add on” software or QuickBooks Apps, such as nightly off site backups, that keep your company files compressed, verified, well maintained and fast. Enjoy automated updates that keep each of your QuickBooks desktop computers on the latest patch release and the state of mind that you can recover your QuickBooks in the event of disaster.

Small business owners understand the uniqueness of our own businesses. We wear many hats and struggle daily to achieve bottom line results we work hard and smart for. I talk to and communicate with small business people everyday. Small businesses people typically need five QuickBooks users or less multi-user access to QuickBooks. Consequently, I designed a cost effective Multi-User QuickBooks desktop accounting software deployment for five users or less installed on readily available desktop computer equipment. Please read these concerns that business owners express to me; concerns I address in “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server.”

1 – Small businesses need an affordable solution to provide multi-location multi-user access to QuickBooks.

The average monthly user fee for Intuit authorized commercial hosting providers runs around $50. That’s $250 per month for five users, forever, not including QuickBooks licensing. My QuickBooks server cost me $300 and runs every day. I’m compelled to share my affordable above average alternative with you at a price less than the average hosting provider’s monthly user fee.

2 – Small business owners need to own their data.

It may sound old fashioned, but having the luxury of putting your hands on the server where your data resides means you have control over the first level of security; physical access. My DIY solution provides a way to own your own server for a fraction of current server prices from major vendors.

3 – Small business QuickBooks users do not like slow performance from QuickBooks hosting providers.

Unfortunately, even top tier QuickBooks hosting providers have experienced severe performance issues including total outages lasting days. Simple Google searches bring up thousands of unhappy customers experiencing downtime and poor customer service. A five user small business is not a high priority for QuickBooks hosting providers. My DIY solution creates happy customers.

4 – Small business QuickBooks users do not like constantly dealing with quirky printing issues.

Issues like visibility of different printers from various QuickBooks hosting providers’ customers to shipping label integration with several well known shipping companies continue to haunt QuickBooks hosting providers. These issues become time wasters productivity killers in your small business, significantly increasing your total expense over time. My DIY solution solves peskey printing problems.

5 – Small business owners do not like high monthly recurring costs from QuickBooks hosting providers.

You may have a month to month contract “with no long term commitment”, but at the end of the day, $250 per month times 60 months is $15000. Modern desktop and server computers easily last five years. My DIY solution can save you a ton of money making a huge difference to your bottom line.

6 – Small business depend upon and require reliable Internet access speeds that consistently rate within the current standard broadband range.

According to the FCC, in 2015, 83 percent of all Americans (260+ million people) have access to the current standard for broadband Internet service; 25 megabits per second (Mbps) for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. If you have or can get that level of service, it will move data quickly enough to host your own multi-location multi-user solution for five users or less.

7 – Small businesses need their mission critical software to be supported by the vendor they purchase it from.

My DIY solution meets Intuit’s requirements for “natively installed” software on a physical server and recommendations that QuickBooks not be installed on RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks). Consequently, Intuit will honor their service contract and assist with solving any company file related problems in a physical environment. You can put your QuickBooks ProAdvisor to work focusing on the details of your business.

8 – Small businesses need easy access to their QuickBooks, supporting documents and third party QuickBooks apps.

Access my DIY solution from Windows computers; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Access my DIY solution from Apple computers, Android computers and Linux computers. Access my DIY solution from laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. Future proof QuickBooks with your total control and ubiquitous access.

Many of you know very well my previous technical guide for building a five user QuickBooks server from a Microsoft XP Professional desktop computer and a 2008 version of QuickBooks Pro. It contains a step by step guide to correctly installing and configuring a robust QuickBooks Pro server for five QuickBooks client computers. It’s sold thousands of copies and solved QuickBooks performance problems for many QuickBooks owners. It’s still available here. But times changed. QuickBooks 2015 does not install on XP Pro.

My newest version of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” is easy to understand and well within the ability of most small business people. “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” designed for five QuickBooks users or less, contains 185 pages of step by step illustrated instructions that apply to current state of the art, Intuit QuickBooks supported, Microsoft Windows 10 Professional desktop operating systems, installs on off-the-shelf desktop computer hardware and works with all QuickBooks versions 2017 through 2018. I will continue to provide guides for older versions of QuickBooks.

Small business people need options. My new version of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” presents you with options. You can decide between a Classic Client-Server Production Server designed for five users in a single office on a cabled network, a Remote Desktop Services Production Server designed for a multi-user multi-location remote access environment or a hybrid solution designed for special circumstances.

Avoid QuickBooks Network Errors and other QuickBooks headaches with a robust, by the book, QuickBooks Multi User setup built around your own dedicated QuickBooks Server. I’ve successfully deployed dedicated QuickBooks servers into many businesses. They’ve frequently run years without requiring reboots or service. The secret to their robustness and longevity is in the setup and configuration details that have taken me years to learn.

Achieve your very own High Performance Multi User QuickBooks Network Installation by following my detailed instructions in “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server”. This instantly download and read guide sells for $49.95, the same money you might spend for a single hosted QuickBooks user for one month. Competent forward thinking small business QuickBooks users buy my book first, before considering any hosted QuickBooks solution.

Besides being a top notch setup and configuration resource, your copy of “Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” also includes:

  • Step by step instructions for automating a nightly backup of your critical QuickBooks company files. No more broken CD burners or finding lost USB drives.
  • Step by step instructions for automatically updating QuickBooks. All of your QuickBooks computers will have the latest updates as Intuit publishes them.
  • Step by step instructions to access your QuickBooks Server from any computer on your local network.
  • Step by step instructions to utilize your server for accounting supporting documents, a virtual archive of information to assist you to rapidly support transactions.
  • Step by step instructions to securely deploy remote access to your employees using state of the art security with complete desktop access.
  • Step by step instructions for complete recover-ability in the event of a disaster.
  • Tons of highlighted Tips to make your QuickBooks experience easier.

“Build Your Own QuickBooks Server” will help you solve your QuickBooks speed and performance problems. QuickBooks users will get more work done, from more places and enjoy using QuickBooks. Your new Multi-User QuickBooks environment will contribute more dollars to your business’ bottom line.

Buy your copy now and reap the benefits of your own high performance remotely accessible Multi-User QuickBooks environment.

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Followed your book and am very happy with the results. Thank you so very much …. You helped me get my QuickBooks setup the way I wish it was the first time I set it up.

I purchased your book and downloaded it. Wonderful work. Thank you.

After three years, I’ve just updated to QuickBooks 2011. My XP server’s run trouble free for three years.

Thanks so much for the valuable information. I’ve decided to remain on QuickBooks 2013, avoiding the expense of upgrading to 2015. I’ve saved a couple years of additional software costs and headache.