I’m Les Murphy. I started Painless QuickBooks to help folks get the best out of their QuickBooks installation. The biggest difference between Painless QuickBooks and everyone else; you stay in complete control of your data! You get the best of both the hosted or “cloud” world and locally installed QuickBooks with no compromises and no surprises.

My 2008 guide, “Build Your Own QuickBooks Production Server” has helped hundreds of QuickBooks owners like you get the best out of their QuickBooks installation with a very low recurring cost.

I’ve worked with QuickBooks since the early 1990s. I install QuickBooks Multi User for clients and use it in my own business. My time tested installation methods work with all five user or less network installations of versions Pro through Enterprise 2006 to 2014, with computers running Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7 and functions exceptionally well in all types of businesses.

I blog at Behind the Desktop where you’ll find some very beneficial QuickBooks information . Although I’m no accountant, I’m an expert in QuickBooks software, computer and network setup and high performance.

I promise to help you get the best out of your QuickBooks installation and keep you in control of your data.